Ferry KYDON collided with pier, Santo Domingo UPDATE

May 19 UPDATE: Officials didn’t give yet a clear picture of what exactly happened. Judging from published videos, it looks like ferry lowered the ramp and moved on from ferry terminal to a berth ahead, which was full of containers. Ramp turned into a scythe smashing everything on its’ way. Some local sources mention, that the ramp was lowered prematurely, because of malfunction or negligence, which seems to be true. Looks like vessel wasn’t properly moored, or was still maneuvering, when ramp was lowered, and that created mayhem. With ramp up, it could finish in nothing more than scratches.
Ferry KYDON collided with a pier at Santo Domingo Port, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, at around 0800 LT May 18, on arrival from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Officials said no serious damages were inflicted on either pier or ship, though photos tell a different story. Traffic on a road bordering pier was hampered.
See some pics here: http://maritimebulletin.net/2017/05/18/ferry-kydon-collided-with-pier-santo-domingo/
Passenger ro-ro ship KYDON, IMO 8916607, GT 29991, built 1990, flag ?, manager Ferries del Caribe.





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