Ferry MUTIARA SENTOSA I fire: 5 dead, 192 rescued May 21 UPDATE

May 21 UPDATE: Indonesian SAR Agency on May 21 issued an official statement, saying that 5 people (no children among them) are confirmed dead, 192 people rescued and taken to Surabaya. Cause of fire yet unknown.

May 20 evening UPDATE: Updates on ferry MUTIARA SENTOSA I still contradictory: 5 deaths confirmed; not clear yet if there are 25 or 28 people missing, or all were rescued and accounted for; exact number of people on board also yet unconfirmed. Most outlets say there were 187 people on board, some say, referring to police, that the number is 193.
On a photo taken from Indonesian SAR plane burning MUTIARA SENTOSA I.

May 20 UPDATE: Fire started on cargo deck, where several dozen vehicles were stacked. Sprinkler firefighting system though activated, failed to dose fire, which engulfed vehicles and spread outside cargo deck. According to latest official information, all 187 (not 178 as stated earlier) people on board were rescued, no casualties reported. Abandoned MUTIARA SENTOSA I drifted aground in Masalembu Island east coast shallows.
Updates are still confusing – some outlets insist there were 178 people on board in total, including crew, 3 died, some are still missing. Others say there were 187 people on board, all rescued, no casualties, referring in their posts to official statements.

UPDATE: There are 44 crew and 134 passengers on board, vessel drifting near 05 33S 114 34E, Master ordered evacuation. According to available information, passengers and crew went into life boats and rafts. Several vessels were directed to assist, among them container ship MERATUS MAKASSAR (IMO 9106637), which is already on the scene, reportedly taken people on board.

First news: Ferry MUTIARA SENTOSA I with 178 passengers on board reported on fire in Java sea near Masalembu Island, halfway between Macassar and Surabaya. Vessel en route from Surabaya to Macassar, at around 0600 UTC May 19 was off eastern coast of Masalembu, dead in the water.

Passenger ro-ro ship MUTIARA SENTOSA I, IMO 8718471, GT 12365, built 1988, flag Indonesia, manager ATOSIM LAMPUNG PELAYARAN PT, Panjang.





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