Chinese freighter with North Korean arms seized in Egypt

Egypt seized general cargo ship JIE SHUN on arrival at Ain Sukhna port, Red Sea, on Aug 11, after Egyptian authorities were alerted by the US intelligence on possible shipment of North Korean arms on board of this ship. Customs found more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades of North Korean production, hidden under bins of iron ore. Much to Egypt embarrassment, it was revealed later, that ammunitions actually, were bought by Egypt itself, against the UN sanctions imposed on North Korean arms trade. Later JIE SHUN was taken to Al Adabiyah port, berthed there on Aug 27. No AIS records since Aug 27. On a photo JIE SHUN under previous name VELOX.
General cargo ship JIE SHUN, IMO 8518780, dwt 4788, built 1986, flag Cambodia, manager K BROTHERS MARINE CO LTD, Dalian, China (EQUASIS).





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