Russian tanker fired upon, holed, taking in water Update

Oct 8 Update: Tanker loaded contraband oil or oil product some two miles off coast, from a pipeline, she was under way when spotted by Libyan Coast Guard in the morning Oct 6. Tanker was requested to stop, but didn’t obey. She was shelled from 30-mm gun, shells inflicting holes in cargo tanks and engine room areas, with ensuing water ingress. Tanker developed list, judging from photo it should be portside list. CG boat returned to Tripoli, leaving tanker alone. Not clear what’s pouring from tanker into water – ballast water, pumped out water, or cargo? If it’s cargo, it doesn’t look like oil, it looks like some light fuel, diesel or kerosene or something like that.
As of 0730 UTC Oct 8, no information available on tanker’s present position and status.
As long as tanker belongs to Crimean shipping company and Crimea remains annexed by Russia, for all practical purposes tanker should be considered as Russian merchant ship.
From available information it can be surmised, that tanker was under way in international waters, because CG boat didn’t seize her and returned to Tripoli after firing upon her, also, albeit circumstantial, because tanker didn’t stop when ordered.

Previous news Oct 6:
Libyan CG shelled tanker to stop her, damaged tanks, engine room
Libyan sources reported seizure by Libyan Coast Guard of Comoros-flagged tanker GOEFT, west of Zuwara, western Libya. Tanker allegedly was transporting smuggled oil, and didn’t obey orders to stop. Coast Guard shelled tanker from 30-mm gun, cargo tanks or tank and engine room suffered damages. No other information available at the moment, no news on crew injures or casualties, on possible leak and on present status and location of the tanker. No Comoros-flagged tanker under the name of GOEFT found, most probably it’s tanker GOEAST, belonging to company based in annexed by Russia Crimea. Latest AIS records dated Sep 26, Malta outer anchorage. On a photo tanker under previous name ALGOEAST, she changed owner and was renamed in 2015.
Product tanker GOEAST, IMO 7526924, dwt 9657, built 1977, flag Comoros, manager UVAS-TRANS LTD, Kerch, Crimea.





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