The problem of prostitution in shipping industry

Thank god, there are some sound-minded people left, both in shipping and in its’ media. Danish industry outlet Shipping Watch decided to get first-hand information on all that disgusting fuss around “prostitutes in shipping” crap, and interviewed one of the main “prostitutes”, The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). ICS gave frank and unequivocal interview in which reality, upended by NGOs and media, including industry media, was returned back to normality. Just one citation:

ICS had never heard of InfluenceMap. Interestingly it seems it shares the same London address as a plethora of other climate related NGOs. It also made an appearance at the IMO meeting, with a representative embedded with the large Clean Shipping Coalition delegation. This is the umbrella group for various green NGOs which participate at IMO meetings, who enjoy the same opportunities to influence Member States’ discussions as industry trade associations such as ICS.
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Regretfully, ICS didn’t publish this interview on its’ website – it’s politics again, of course. It’s against mainstream, it’s not politically correct, it will do more harm and so on, we all know the drill and the guidebooks.
ICS has to resist insane projects and plans on reducing shipping emissions, it’s the unanimous request of not only shipping, but global economy. It’s inevitable reaction of RESPONSIBLE industries and people to worldwide fever, inspired by very dubious “theory” and those who’re behind this “theory”, those who profit from it. Global Warming (GW) concept is sowing the seeds of soon-to-come economy crisis, especially in shipping, where it may grow into chaos. We may find ourselves in a very different world, not the fantasy world GW fear-mongers are threatening us with, sometime in the end of the century, but the world with disrupted shipping and as consequence, shaken world economy. It may happen real soon, in several years, if GW emission cap plans are to be institutionalized.

I’d praise ICS for that interview, but regretfully, I can’t. All that GW madness is a 100-percent pure information war. War where common sense, facts and scientific approach fight with hoax, fraud and populism. Shipping as industry, as a body, lost this war long time ago, by breeding a new generation of industry media – which doesn’t support or defend the industry it belongs to, but undermine and betray it.
You guys, from shipowners to maritime organizations, just got what you breed, what you’ve been funding and sponsoring – the media, which deride you, taunt you, and finally, openly betray you. Which industry media outlet will major media cite, ShippingWatch with ICS interview, or SPLASH247 with its’ already famous (notorious for professionals) opinion of Andrew Craig-Bennett? Answer is everywhere, majors are happy with this passage:
“We can feel nothing but contempt and disgust at the prostitutes employed by our racket to try to put one over on the general public,” he wrote with a sailor-worthy flourish.

You want to resist madness and stand up for common sense? Get yourself the new industry media – not the media which is at best, trying to be “neutral” (aping Big Brother, major media), or at worst, turned into industry Quisling, by aggressively pursuing mainstream agenda.

As for industry media, I can only say, that they should look in exactly an opposite direction when looking for prostitution. Look at NGOs, for one. In some cases with some industry media and personalities, they don’t even have to look that far, providing there’s a mirror nearby. They can watch it live.

Voytenko Mikhail
November 7, 2017





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