One more biggest in history drug bust, so what?

Spanish officials on Dec 5 announced the biggest drug bust in 18 years, they found nearly 6 tons of cocaine, worth 210 mil euro, stashed in one of 6 containers loaded with bananas, which arrived to Algeciras port Spain, from Colombia. Containers were offloaded from container ship BANAK, the ship, its’ manager and its’ crew apparently, having no hand in drug trafficking. BANAK arrived at Algeciras on Nov 25, left port on the same day and continued voyage in accordance with service schedule.

I’m sick of those drug-bust, ships-related news, personally. Fighting drugs is like fighting windmills, with about as much sense and logics. It’s a road to nowhere, or to be more exact, to more evils, in forms of new, much more dangerous, chemical drugs. But drug fight obviously, wasn’t enough for governments and international bodies, they added a new fight, with tobacco, which in volume already exceeds drugs fight. They gave birth to e new type of crime, unheard of before, tobacco contraband, and they’re happy.
Will there be less cocaine in Europe, after this bust? No. How many drug shipments safely reach their destinations? We don’t know. Who tipped off Spain police on this one, and why, we don’t know. Probably, drug cartels themselves did it, in order to tighten supply, to re-balance market and enliven the costs, in pre-New Year rush.

Public likes those grandiose busts news, and the essence of this unhealthy interest is always lost with me. I don’t understand it. Organized crime and organized fighters, be they police or drug enforcement or international bodies, thrive on it. We – all of us – pay for it, in one form or another. I don’t want these drug fighting, or tobacco fighting, shows, I want my money back.
On a photo Minister Zoido inspecting the haul – or in other words, taking his part in a show.

Container ship BANAK, IMO 9504607, dwt 34067, capacity 2500 TEU, built 2014, flag Marshall Islands, manager Klaveness Ship Management AS.





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