Korean and Spanish tuna fishing vessels attacked, fired upon, Indian ocean

EU NAVFOR report Apr 24:
On Apr 19 five suspected pirates captured a Yemeni dhow FV AL AZHAM off the coast of Somalia. Two days later on 21 April, the pirates attacked the Korean fishing vessel ADRIA with the dhow acting as a mothership in the Indian Ocean some 280 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia. FV ADRIA started to conduct evasive manoeuvres and increased its speed. The Spanish Fishing Vessel TXORI ARGI was operating in the vicinity and proceeded to assist the FV ADRIA as she continued to be chased by the skiffs. After approximately one hour, both vessels were approached by the skiffs and fired upon with what was believed to be a rocket propelled grenade. The Private Armed Security Teams (PAST) on board of both tuna fishing vessels responded, and the skiffs retreated. That same day, another Fishing Vessel, FV SHIN SHUEN FAR 889, also reported having been approached by two skiffs, which both retreated when the PAST on board revealed their weapons.
On 21 April, EU NAVFOR dispatched its Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPRAs) and conducted a search in the area, resulting in identifying the mothership. On 23 April, in collaboration with its MPRAs, EU NAVFOR’s flagship ESPS NAVARRA successfully intercepted and boarded the captured dhow vessel. EU NAVFOR apprehended five suspected pirates, and the 23 hostages aboard the hijacked FV Al Azham were released unharmed.
AIS tracks of both fishing vessels on abovementioned dates absent, probably because AIS were off to provide security.
Tuna fishing vessel ADRIA, IMO 8919489, GT 2227, built 1992, flag South Korea.
Tuna fishing vessel TXORI ARGI, IMO 9286724, GT 4134, flag Spain.





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