“Rescue” ship AQUARIUS ban from Italy as shimmer of hope for Europe

“Rescue” ship AQUARIUS with 629 migrants on board, collected during Jun 9-10 in Mediterranean waters near Libya, is since cruising in legs east of Malta, waiting to be allowed to dock anywhere in Europe. Two countries, Italy and Malta, refused entry, with Italy’s Interior Minister Salvini saying that “Italy will commence to say NO to human trafficking, NO to the business of clandestine immigration. My objective is to guarantee a peaceful life to all these people in Africa and to our children in Italy.”
If any hope, Italy will stand on its’ new policy and keep migrants off. No doubt, other coastal European States, main objects of migrants invasion, will follow Italy’s lead.
Still, even if common sense prevails and migrants flow dries up, if things wouldn’t be called their true names, it will be like leaving mortal disease half-cured, ready to explode again and kill the patient.
This whole migration business is unlawful, because it’s not a refugee migration, but purely economical one.
All those who instigate and support this business should be nailed as perpetrators, responsible for thousands of crimes like murders, rapes, muggings, etc., in Europe, and of course, for thousands of those migrants who died while trying to cross Mediterranean. All of them, notwithstanding their positions and titles, should be named, investigated and prosecuted, from such as Master of “Rescue” ship AQUARIUS, one Alexsandr Kuzmichev, Russian from Sevastopol, to heads of EU States and EU, to major media and to Mr. Soros and Pope himself. They, surely, know perfectly well what they are doing, they do what they do intentionally, with full understanding of their questionable legal and moral practices.
Either there is law with everyone and everything abiding to it, or there’s coming chaos. Either society calls things their true names and deal with problems respectively, on firm grounds of law, truth and undisputed definitions, or it fails, sooner or later.
Ex-research ship AQUARIUS, IMO 7600574, GT 1812, built 1977, flag Gibraltar, operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the SOS Mediterranee organizations.
Voytenko Mikhail
June 11, 2018





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