Ferry hit container ship and remained stuck to avoid disaster Update ships separated

Oct 12 Update: The ships were uncoupled in the evening Oct 11 at around 2130 LT, both remained on site, with CSL VIRGINIA being anchored. As of 0600 UTC Oct 12, ULYSSE looked like being under tow to France or Italy. No details given to operation and ships’ damages, it was mentioned only, that separation operation was extremely complicated and difficult.

Oct 8 Update: Ferry ULYSSE remains stuck into container ship as of 0900 UTC Oct 8, with a bunch of tugs, SAR and whatever else ships around. What’s astounding, is the fact, that nobody nowhere said what’s going on in there, everybody is sick worried about the oil leak, which just couldn’t be real big, let alone “disastrous” – several tons of fuel at most. Nowadays, a glass of fuel leaked overboard is claimed to be “ecological disaster” by insane media. There should be passengers on board of ULYSSE, what about them? Were they disembarked somehow? Situation in general is not unusual in collision accidents, when the ships can’t be uncoupled without a serious risk of massive water ingress and sinking for stricken ship. So what’s going on and what are salvage plans? No word. Both ships, passengers on board – nothing matters, except oil leak. Crazy.

Oct 7: Container ship CSL VIRGINIA, which was anchored north of Cap Corse, northern Corsica peninsula, France, Tyrrhenian sea, since late September, was struck by Tunisian ferry ULYSSE, which was en route from Genoa Italy to Tunis Tunisia, at around 0600 UTC Oct 7. Understood container ship was/is in a lay-up and wasn’t under way at the time of collision, i.e. ferry is solely to blame for collision. Container ship suffered a several meters hull breach, starboard. No reports on ferry damages, but ferry’s bow no doubt, sustained damages, probably serious. As of 1330 UTC, ULYSSE was according to track, still stuck to CSL VIRGINIA, with tug nearby. Most probably, ULYSSE is kept in this position, because container ship will be flooded through big hole in a short time, if ULYSSE is taken away – ULYSSE is, for the time being, sealing the hole.
Passenger ro-ro-cargo ship ULYSSE, IMO 9142459, GT 17907, built 1997, flag Tunisia, operator COTUNAV.
Container ship CSL VIRGINIA, IMO 9289568, dwt 66644, capacity 5015 TEU, built 2005, flag Cyprus, manager CYPRUS SEA LINES CO LTD.





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