2 ships attacked, tanker hijacked: Nov 12 Update

12 kidnapped crew Update: kidnapped as compensation
Nov 12 Update: I’ve been informed by crew relatives on some details of hijack and kidnap – pirates attacked and hijacked supply tug ARK TZE(IMO 9418767, dwt 2319), later using hijacked ship as their mother ship. They attacked two tankers in process of bunkering, from ARK TZE. LPG tanker BW FRIGG (IMO 9733337, dwt 54446) broke off moorings and managed to escape, while ANUKET AMBER was boarded and hijacked. Initial plan was to siphon fuel from ANUKET AMBER into local coastal cargo ship, but that ship being captured by some other forces, pirates couldn’t steal the cargo. So they decided to kidnap crew instead.
When tanker was released and reached Lome, Togo, the remaining crew were restricted in their communications via Internet. No updates on developing story with 12 kidnapped crew (8 from ANUKET AMBER and 4 from ARK TZE) – understood release talks should go on.

Nov 3 Update: 12 seamen reported kidnapped from tanker and tug, all crew communications cut off
In the evening Nov 2 tanker anchored at Lome anchorage, Togo. 8 crew of tanker reportedly were kidnapped, with 4 crew from ARK TZE total number of kidnapped seamen is 12 people, including all nationalities there were – Latvian, Filipino, Russian, Ukrainian and Indonesian. All save 2 ANUKET AMBER officers, including Master, were kidnapped, only 2 officer and 2 engineer were spared. Tanker had been ransacked, crew were robbed of anything of any value, they literally, were left with what they were wearing at the time of attack, mostly shorts and T-shirts.
I’ve been told that the crew on board on arrival to Lome were cut off all communications including email, “for security reasons”.

Nov 2 Update: Latest update – 4 crew from offshore tug and an unknown number of ANUKET AMBER crew were kidnapped.

Nov 2 Update: Tanker was released and as of 0530 UTC Nov 2, was sailing in northwest direction south of Lome Togo, destination unknown, with armed security on board. Crew understood to be safe and weel. Most probably, tanker was released after pirates siphoned from tanker its’ cargo of fuel. No news yet on 4 crew kidnapped from offshore supply ship ARK TZE (IMO 9418767, dwt 2319).

Nov 1 Update: offshore supply ship ARK TZE (IMO 9418767, dwt 2319) 15 crew include 12 Indonesian, 2 Myanmar and 1 Ukrainian nationalities. Among 4 kidnapped 3 Indonesians and 1 Ukrainian.

Oct 31 Update: Tanker ANUKET AMBER was bunkering LPG tanker BW FRIGG (IMO 9733337, dwt 54446), pirates attacked both ships in vicinity 04 47S 010 07E, west of Pointe Noire. BW FRIGG managed to escape, ANUKET AMBER was hijacked. Same day in roughly the same area pirates reportedly, attacked offshore supply ship ARK TZE (IMO 9418767, dwt 2319) and kidnapped 4 crew, kidnapped seamen later were transferred to hijacked tanker ANUKET AMBER.

Oct 31 Update: Relatives gave their consent to public all known details. Crew consists of a dozen seamen, including Latvian, Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian nationalities. As of 1530 UTC Oct 31, no news yet, no AIS, understood no communication.

Oct 30: Two cargo ships were attacked by pirates west of Pointe Noire Congo, West Africa, at around 1300 UTC Oct 29. One managed to escape, another one was hijacked. It’s tanker ANUKET AMBER, according to information I received from crew relatives, who’re understandably, very worried. They’ve been told by crewing company, that connection with ship was lost, manager and other involved parties are taking all necessary measures. They weren’t told if the ship was hijacked or troubled by other accident. No news, no AIS signal since then, so presumably, tanker was hijacked with the purpose of stealing its’ cargo. If pirates were in for crew and ransom, they’d already leave tanker with kidnapped crew, and tanker should already re-emerge.
Product tanker ANUKET AMBER, IMO 9395733, dwt 9596, built 2008, flag Panama, manager NORBULK SHIPPING UK LTD.





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